.​.​.​you will never feel a thing

by Velcro Stars

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released December 21, 2012



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Velcro Stars Murfreesboro, Tennessee

We hail from Tennessee. We live hard. We walk hard. Everything about us is hard and I mean everything. We are rough and tumble. We are like Rusty James.

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Track Name: Big Bang
How long have you been there standing off to the side?
Have you been watching me, taking notes on my life?

Can you see me?
I can not see you.
I can't go on

How can I follow you, you won't even put up a fight?
No one even knows you're there, when they come you run and hide.

Can you see me?
I can not see you.
I can't go on
Track Name: Mechanical Heart
The heart pushes the blood
through the body
to the brain
The brain tells the body
what to do
and how to behave

This mechanical heart
This mechanical brain
Can't do either
and I'm all alone
on this island
built of wires
with all my insides on display.

Learn to walk
Learn to talk like
and even
But there's one thing I can't do
I can't learn to love you.
Track Name: Not the Greatest Love Song
Wrote you this song
It's not very long
It's about you and me
and how we'll never be

It's not the greatest love song

Content without a care
I needed you here
You know it's not right
To be with you tonight
Track Name: Southern Grace
So you say there's no southern grace
A slap to the face, a lie
It seems as though we all get a long
But sometimes I'm wrong
Sometimes I fall down a hill

So you say don't forget your sins
We know where we've been
We know our own life
Holding onto safety pins you down
Afraid of the night
the warmth of fire light
Track Name: Valerie
Valerie you came into my life
Twelve or thirteen years now I've had to fight you
Now it's time for you to go
Second chance, no romeo to come save you from my pride

And you will never hear me coming
And you will never feel a thing
it has to be

Heart ache by your side
Not your first
so drown your teary eyes, girl
it's time to put a stop to you
and all the evil things you do
Don't ask you know the reason why
I can't let you stay alive.